CP Sport collected a range of profiles from participants that play CP and/or Frame Football, as well as profiles from coaches, physiotherapists and parents of players to use as promotional material during the 2022 Football World Cup. We aim to encourage more people with CP to take part in sport by sharing positive stories and delivering opportunities.

Name: Sophie Bartup

Role: Volunteer coach

Club/Recreational Centre: Little Victories in the Community

About me: I volunteer as a coach at Little Victories Cerebral Palsy and Frame football club. I help coordinate training and work with a group of volunteer coaches to plan and deliver fun football sessions to help develop players skills such as passing, shooting and dribbling and also to help promote their independence, confidence and self-esteem. We have a group of young volunteers that help with sessions, who I mentor and help to become qualified coaches.

The impact football has had on my life: I think football has made me the person I am today, every experience I have had in the game has helped to shape who I am. I like to volunteer as this helps the young people at Little Victories to live their dreams however it also helps me to find balance in my life. Football has given me so many happy memories and I can honestly say I feel so honoured to work with the young players at Little Victories.

What I enjoy about CP football: Coaching at Little Victories Cerebral Palsy and Frame football club is absolutely the highlight of my week as a volunteer. I enjoy working with players who are incredibly enthusiastic and positive, who all contribute to a fantastic learning environment where everyone is smiling and having fun. I love the family feel we have at Little Victories, we all share in each other’s success, whether that’s football or other areas of our lives. We are always there for each other, all the parents contribute to fun and laughter in the session and we all enjoy making memories together.

My ambitions in football: At Little Victories, I hope our players can find a football family where not only will they develop as players, but as people too. I hope that I can continue to coach, learn myself, and expand Little Victories to provide competitive teams, and life changing experiences for young people.

What I would say to others with cerebral palsy about playing football: Football is the beautiful game became it’s for everyone. Finding the right club for you will help you with your physical and mental health however you’ll meet new friends and find a whole new community that will change your life in a positive way. 

If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in CP football, frame football, adult or junior – please use the FA’s Find Football tool to locate sessions or clubs in your area, or email richard.kerr@cpsport.org