CP Sport collected a range of profiles from participants that play CP and/or Frame Football, as well as profiles from coaches, physiotherapists and parents of players to use as promotional material during the 2022 Football World Cup. We aim to encourage more people with CP to take part in sport by sharing positive stories and delivering opportunities.

Name: Megan Gray
Role: Player
Club:  Derby County Cerebral Palsy FC
About me: I live in Stoke on Trent, a Port Vale and Liverpool fan and currently completing an apprenticeship in community coaching with the Port Vale Foundation.
What I enjoy about playing football: I love playing competitive football with other people who have CP, I struggled to play mainstream football but playing CP football means I have to work just as hard but have a sense of achievement and can keep up with the other players.
Impact that football has on my life: I have had lot of amazing opportunities like going out to Salou, Spain to the female CP World Cup in May, I got to attend a development camp with six other English CP girls who have now become good friends, and we can’t wait for what the future holds and what the next steps will be. Football has allowed me to become more confident I’m regularly the only female at tournaments but dont feel I need to prove myself to the men everyone has been very welcoming and I just let them make their own mind up if I can’t play football or not.
My ambition in football: To play for my country and be the best I can be, but most of all to continue to enjoy playing football with other CP females.

What would you say to others with CP about playing football: If there are any females who have CP and want to be involved and the possibility of representing your country, then get in touch with CP sport or the FA. We need to get as many girls and women involved as possible and become our own CP lionesses. It would be amazing to have a Female CP league. If you have struggled in mainstream football thought you don’t completely fit in give CP football a chance, its not easy and will push you to your limits but you will have a great time.

If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in CP football, frame football, adult or junior – please use the FA’s Find Football tool to locate sessions or clubs in your area, or email richard.kerr@cpsport.org