CP Sport collected profiles from people with CP that have participated in physical activity during 2023. The profiles are being used to celebrate and showcase the activities that have been achieved in 2023.

Name: Sienna Allen-Chaplin

Role: Athlete

Region: South Wales

Club: Disability Sport Wales, Cardiff Archers, Swansea Gymnastics, Swansea Strength & Conditioning, Swansea Stingrays


Which sports did you participate in during 2023?

During 2023 I took part in several athletics and gymnastics competitions. I also took part in a weightlifting competition and tried various new sports including rock climbing, aquathlon and Pentathlon GB Para Laser run.


What was your biggest achievement in physical activity in 2023?

My biggest achievement was representing Wales at my first National Junior Athletics Championships. Disability Sport Wales gave me an amazing opportunity to compete and represent my country. The event took place at Coventry Athletics Track and was the first time I was able to compete with other para-athletes, previously in other competitions I had been taking part alongside able bodied athletes.

In this event I competed in the 100m sprint and shot put, I came away with two gold medals in my age group.

I also got to be a team captain at the annual superhero series at Dorney Lake in Windsor. I was teamed with Adam Hills (The Last Leg, Channel 4) and got to run alongside him during the event. I also got interviewed for Channel 4’s highlights show of the event. The Superhero Series is the only mass participation event for disabled people in the UK allowing people of all abilities to take part and achieve their goals. It is a brilliant event where I have got to meet some amazing people.

This year I was nominated for 2 awards at the Swansea Sports Awards, the nominations were for Junior Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability and Inspiring Young Person of the Year. I came runner up in both, however I had a special mention during the presentation from the host telling everyone how inspirational I was.


How did you benefit from participating in physical activity throughout 2023?

I take part in some kind of physical activity or sport almost every day of the week, together they all help improve my strength, coordination and balance.

Rock climbing helps improve my grip strength and makes me use both of my arms at the same time, I also love the sense of achievement when reaching the top of the wall. Gymnastics helps with my balance and coordination.

Everything I do is improved by the strength and conditioning training I do at least 3 times a week. My programme consists of training once a week with my S&C coach, Liam, at Swansea Strength and Conditioning and twice a week with my mum in my home gym. This provides the foundation for the sports I enjoy as well as being hugely beneficial in my day to day life, a good example of this is the overhead work I have been doing and how this has helped with me being able to tie my own hair


What would you like to achieve in sport in 2024?

I am hoping to be classified for my disability when I turn 11 next year, this will allow me to compete in more para-competitions. I am also going to be attending para-laser run training camps in the new year having really enjoyed a trial event in Bristol recently. Para laser run involves both running (or pushing) and laser shooting as adapted parts of the pentathlon and is a new para sport that started last year.

I would also like to do a para climbing event this year as I have really enjoyed leaving to rock climb and doing bouldering this year.

I am also looking forward to taking part in some more gymnastics events, representing Swansea Gymnastics and Athletics meetings representing Cardiff Archers.


Which other sports would you like to try in 2024?

When classified for para sport I hope to be able to try and improve my track and field events like javelin and long jump.


What would you say to other people with CP that are thinking of trying physical activity in 2024?

I have found physical activity hugely beneficial for me, not only when competing in sports but also in my day to day life. Doing different sports helps develop different skills and is really fun as well. I also like the social part of attending clubs and training with other children the same age and working together to try and do our best.

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