CP Sport is the national disability sporting organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy to be able to access and enjoy being physically active throughout their lives.

Frame Running (formerly known as RaceRunning) is an adapted sport for children, young people and adults who cannot functionally run and rely on sports aids for mobility and balance.

A frame runner is a three wheeled frame where the athlete is supported by a saddle and body plate. The athlete propels against the frame using their feet, and steers using the mobility within their hands and/or arms. People with cerebral palsy can take part in Frame Running as a recreational activity and is a very effective way of improving overall fitness, strength, and physical and emotional well-being.

Frame Running is an athletics discipline, governed by England Athletics and delivered by athletics clubs.

Today, we launch our Frame Running Skills Cards and tutorial videos. We aim to demonstrate how Frame Running works, a safety briefing, a range of Frame Running activities and how you can get involved at your club.

Download the Frame Running Skills Cards by clicking the following link: CP Sport Frame Running Skills Cards.


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CP Sport have also uploaded 9 videos to our Youtube channel, demonstrating different Frame Running activities. We have posted a couple of examples below, check out the rest on the CP Sport Youtube channel.