CP Sport response to IPC Frame Running decision

Statement from Adi Fawcett, COO CP Sport

“We were surprised and dismayed to hear on Friday that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have decided not to include Frame Running in the schedule of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, a sport dedicated to enabling athletes with high support needs (HSN) to compete and perform at the highest level.  It was also disappointing to see that T33 athletes will also not be included on the Para-Athletics programme.  For the athletes, coaches and families this is a devastating blow.  The Paralympics are the ultimate competition and they have been excluded from the opportunity to compete.


CP Sport represent England on the CPISRA International Frame Running Committee and have worked tirelessly with other national representatives to grow the sport globally and support eachother so that anyone who wants to have a go at Frame Running, or develop as an elite athlete, has the opportunity to do so.  At CP Sport Frame Running is the most popular sport we offer and receive most enquiries about, people travel miles to give it a go.  Our role is to develop the sport and then signpost athletes to the pathway through our collaborative partnership with British Athletics and England Athletics.


We are supporting the approach by CPISRA, British Athletics and the British Paralympic Association to seek an explanation from the IPC and World Para-Athletics as to why this decision has been taken.  Our counterparts on the International Frame Running Committee will be asking their representatives to make the same approach.


CP Sport exists to develop opportunities for people with cerebral palsy to get involved in sport and enjoy all the benefits that sport can offer.  Performing at the highest level is one of those opportunities.  We will continue to develop the sport and work hard with the International Committee and our national partners to provide every opportunity for athletes.


The CP community are at the heart of everything we do, this decision has been heart-breaking for the Frame Running community, not only in the UK but across the world.”


24th November 2021