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Cerebral Palsy Sport are delighted to announce the launch of its new user friendly membership portal, Go Membership.

GoMembership will allow paid members to easily renew membership online and set up their own profile. It will also be available for non-paying members to access and have their own personal profile. These profiles will only be visible to the user and CP Sport administration.

Everyone will be able to book and pay for CP Sport events online through the same system and we are delighted to have it in place for the Virtual Challenge Series.

CP Sport has chosen GoMembership because it is easy to navigate and very intuitive for the occasional user. In summary the features include:

  • Allowing users to maintain their own profile to ensure accurate information.
  • Paid members can renew their membership online.
  • Family members can be controlled by one person making group membership easier.
  • Users can pay for membership or events online using different methods of payment (e.g. credit card, debit card, bank transfer.)
  • It can capture members’ qualifications, certificates and personal bests.

We will automatically transfer the information we have stored in our existing database to Go Membership.

Go Membership for CP Sport will be available from http://cpsport.azolve.com/Account.mvc/SignIn or our website https://www.cpsport.org/support-us/membership/ and you will be able to log in from there.  Your username for logging into the system is #LoginId  You can request a password by using the Forgot Password option on the login screen. You will then receive an email where you can create a new password and login.  If you have any problems just email us at membership@cpsport.org.

Please check all the information transferred over is correct. If not, please change the information so it is correct.

If you haven’t received an email please register here: https://cpsport.azolve.com/Account.mvc/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f%20

For more detail about paid membership options with CP Sport click here

Contact us

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at membership@cpsport.org