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This week marks International Learn to Swim Week and we are supporting the work of our partners the STA.

With babies, children and adults having very limited, or no access to swimming pools over the last 12 months, this year’s International Learn to Swim Week takes on a whole new level of importance and the STA want everyone to get involved – and to get back to “Loving Water Safely”.

Once again, we globally unite as one voice. Let’s celebrate the return of swimming lessons and use this as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of learning to swim and water safety education – not only as a key life skill this time but how swimming will also play a really important role in helping our youngsters recover from the pandemic, physically and mentally.

For people with cerebral palsy, find out more about taking part in swimming in your area by contacting jennifer.basford@cpsport.org

Want to improve your teaching skills?

Cerebral Palsy Sport have created this CPD in partnership with The Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA)

The CPD course is designed for anyone wanting to further their knowledge about swimming with cerebral palsy. The course offers a wide variety of information and covers the following areas:

  • About Cerebral Palsy Sport
  • What is cerebral palsy?
  • The causes, symptoms and types of cerebral palsy
  • Facts and Figures of people with cerebral palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness in sport
  • Movement in Water
  • Adaptable drills and support

The cost of the course is £25. By completing this online CPD, you will receive CPD points.

Click here for the CPD.

If you would like to know more about the STA, please click here for their website: https://www.sta.co.uk/

For more information about CP Sport and Swimming contact jennifer.basford@cpsport.org or visit https://www.cpsport.org/sports/swimming/