Lynne Wardle – An Announcement of Appreciation

Lynne Wardle has resigned from her role of Chair of the CP Sport board. Lynne joined the board of CP Sport in 2018, and was appointed as the Chair in October 2019.

The team at CP Sport: “We would like to thank Lynne for her leadership, inspiration, and commitment. Lynne has overseen much change, and has always been a consistent source of support. She has allowed us to become confident, and to do our jobs well”.

Lynne has led CP Sport with unrivalled passion. As a CEO of a specialist strategy consultancy, Lynne has utilised her knowledge, experience and expertise to help CP Sport become a trusted strategic partner within the sport and physical activity sector. With Lynne’s support, we have been able to increase our influence, and amplify the voice of people with cerebral palsy within the sport and physical activity sector.

Activity Alliance acknowledged Lynne’s impact: “Activity Alliance congratulates Lynne for her outstanding contribution to disability sport and activity through her successful role as Chair of CP Sport. We thank her for her commitment and support to the Alliance.”

The past five years have presented unprecedented challenges, including the cost of living crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, necessitating changes in CP Sport’s operational and strategic approaches. Throughout these times, Lynne encouraged adaptability and bravery while maintaining a steadfast focus on our vision. The organisation continues to work tirelessly to ensure that people with cerebral palsy have opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity.

Brendan Tonks (CP Sport CEO): “I would like to offer Lynne a personal thank you for her support to me during my first year in post as CEO. Lynne’s energy and commitment to CP Sport’s vision was one of the reasons I joined CP Sport in December 2022. Lynne is respected and loved by all at CP Sport, and we will miss her greatly”.

Lynne leaves CP Sport in a strong position, having assembled a skilled and passionate board of directors that includes strong representation from members with lived experience of cerebral palsy. Thanks to Lynne, we have established positive relationships with our stakeholders and are part of a robust Sport England system network. We continue to build regional hubs across the country, increasing opportunities for people with cerebral palsy to engage in sport and physical activity. Lynne has been integral to the drive and development of inclusive sports, such as Frame Running, with CP Sport leading national development and participating in international committees.

Richard Broughton, Board Member and Senior Independent Director, has assumed the role of interim Chair and is leading the recruitment process for Lynne’s successor.

Richard commented: “Lynne’s tenure as Chair has been transformative for CP Sport. Her unwavering dedication and strategic insight have left an indelible mark on the organisation. We will miss her greatly, but we are committed to build upon the strong foundation she has created.”

From everyone at CP Sport, we extend our deepest thanks to Lynne for her leadership and support over the last five years. You are leaving behind a legacy and shoes that will be difficult to fill.

CP Sport, July 2024