2021 Paralympic Champion Tully Kearney will join the CP Sport team of Ambassadors to help inspire and encourage more people with cerebral palsy to get physically active. Tully, who also likes Frame Running in her spare time is well known at CP Sport events having taken part in many events including the recent ‘Have a go Athletics Day’ in Coventry, fundraising events and virtual cafes.

Tully Kearney Paralympic Champion

Tully Kearney Paralympic Champion 2021

Para Swimmer Tully, who was a winner at the CP Sport Awards 2020 said:

“I’m so honoured to have been asked to be a Sporting Ambassador for Cerebral Palsy Sport. I’ve always loved taking part in the CP sport swimming competitions and more recently the athletics ‘have a go days’ where I was able to try Frame Running and then compete in the athletics competitions for the first time. CP sport has helped me and many others to achieve their sporting potential” Welcome to the team Tully!

Read more about Tully’s sporting story here: https://cpsport.org/tully-my-story/