At Transport for All, we believe that all Deaf and disabled people should be able to travel and get from A to B with the same amount of freedom, ease, and confidence as everyone else. And we know that right now, that is not the case. 

That is why today we are launching our new survey. The Accessible Transport Survey. 

Over the years there has been lot’s of research into different aspects of transport. Travel patterns and behaviours are understood very well. But we think something is missing from the data – the experiences of disabled people.
We have designed this survey to gather data about the reality for disabled people using transport and streets; your experiences, the specific barriers you face, and your priorities for the future. 
We will then be using this data to campaign for change, ensuring that disabled people’s experiences and voices are at the heart of decision-making. The responses from this survey will directly shape our policies at Transport for All, and highlight areas where we need to concentrate our future work.
In addition, it will help us form co-production groups for our members, working together with all Deaf, disabled, and older people, to continue our campaign for a more fully accessible transport network.

The survey runs from Monday 5th September to Friday 21st October (closes at Midnight)  

It is open to anyone who is a Deaf or disabled person, over the age of 18, and lives in England. 

Take the survey for a chance to win £100 shopping vouchers! Once you have completed the survey, there is an option to enter your contact details to be entered into our prize draw. One person will win £100 shopping vouchers, and 2 people will win £50 vouchers.  

How to take the survey (there are several options to choose from): 

  • Take the survey online 
  • Paper copy: download a print or large print version to fill out and mail back to us. If you would like us to mail you a copy in the post, please email us.
  • British Sign Language: Book a session held online via Zoom, with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter and a staff member from Transport for All. We will take you through the survey and the BSL interpreter will interpret the questions for you, and interpret your answers back to us.  
  • Telephone: Phone us on 020 8126 8161, leave a message stating your name and when you are available for a call back. One of our team will call back and take you through the survey over the phone. 
  • We are also going to be holding some smaller focus groups for anyone who is learning disabled and finds surveys inaccessible.

The survey is long. We need this many questions so we can understand what travel is like for everyone. We’ve tested it and it takes on average 40 minutes to complete, but you don’t have to do it all at once. You can save your progress and come back and continue at a later time. And there are no compulsory questions – you can answer as much or as little as you want. 

We want this survey to be as inclusive as possible, and we use a very broad definition of disability. We are explicitly including everyone who is disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent, Deaf, has a long term health condition, has a Mental Health condition, people with age-related impairments, people with disabilities both visible and non-visible, people who identify as disabled and people who don’t necessarily use that language but who experience barriers to transport. Whoever you are, and whatever language you prefer to use, this survey is for you. 

The survey is fully anonymous – we won’t ask for your name. But we will use anything you tell us in the survey, including direct quotes, in our report. We store and process data in line with our Privacy Policy, which you can access here.

We want as many people as possible to take this survey. The more people take it, the stronger our collective voices are. So please get involved, share it far and wide, and complete the survey by Friday 21st October.