CP Sport collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport, as well as profiles from coaches, physiotherapists and parents of players to use as promotional material during the #CPAwarenessMonth. We aim to encourage more people with CP to take part in sport by sharing positive stories and delivering opportunities.

Name: Rachel Partington
Role: Athlete (Sprinter)
Club: Chester-le-Street
About me: I am 29 years old and I am classified as a T38 Athlete. I am glad I found a really good club to train with two great coaches Margaret Smith and Paul Smith who are both lovely and know how to train and motivate their athletes really welI. I have also met some really nice friends from my club too, in 2018 I went to Barcelona to compete at the CP World Games to represent Team England and I came back with a Silver medal. I have won many Gold Medals in CP Athletics Tournaments which I am very proud of.
What would you say to others with CP about playing sport: To encourage people with Cerebral Palsy that there are lots of different opportunities within Cerebral Palsy Sport that you could do so why don’t you give it a go, don’t be shy, just be confident in yourself.
How I have benefited from playing sport: I enjoy competing all over the country and meeting new friends from different clubs and also in my spare time during the week I do fitness classes at Monkton Stadium and Hebburn Central. I have done fitness classes at Jarrow Focus and Haven Point to keep motivated and busy but I really enjoy doing my sports. It keeps me fit and healthy.
My goals and ambitions in sport: To keep training really hard and achieve good enough times to be able to compete at the Paralympics in the future.
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