CP Sport collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport, as well as profiles from coaches, physiotherapists and parents of players to use as promotional material during the #CPAwarenessMonth. We aim to encourage more people with CP to take part in sport by sharing positive stories and delivering opportunities.

Name: Joanne Allen-Chaplin
Role: Parent (Sienna’s CP Journey )
Clubs: Sienna attends many clubs including athletics, swimming, gymnastics and dry slope skiing. She certainly is a very busy girl.
About Sienna: Sienna’s fitness journey started when she was 4 years old after she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
How Sienna benefits from playing sport: Since Sienna started strength and conditioning 4 years ago with her coaches and also with myself in our home gym, we’ve seen a remarkable difference with her mobility, balance and strength.
The impact sport has had on Sienna’s life: This has given Sienna the confidence and ability to participate in a wide range of sports from triathlons, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, powerlifting competitions, bouldering and cycling independently.
Sienna’s ambitions in sport: Sienna’s hope for the future is to keep progressing with her sports and to compete in more competitions.
What would you say to others with CP about playing sport: Being involved in so many different sports has made such a positive impact on Sienna’s life, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.
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