CP Sport have collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport. We will be posting these profiles daily throughout CP Awareness Month (March) to celebrate positive stories and inspire people to take part in the future.


Bristol City Cerebral Palsy FC has significantly grown in recent years and now have an emerging girl’s team that are raring to go in 2024! 

Say hello to Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Girls!

The team: The team currently has 7 regular players aged between 6-13 years of age and we are hoping this will grow. The numbers have steadily increased and the girls are creating a welcoming atmosphere, supporting each other and building a real sense of camaraderie. Over the past few months the confidence in the team has grown and there is a real excitement about where this team is headed.


Inspiring Young Female CP Footballers: The girls recently got to meet Fran Bentley the Bristol City Women’s first team goalkeeper who did a Q&A with them about what it is like to be a professional player in the WSL. This was very enlightening and inspiring for the team and they were able to ask a range of questions ranging from what is her favourite colour, to what training is needed to be a professional player.


Training schedule: Bristol City Cerebral Palsy girls team train every Saturday during the football season (Sept-May) at The Imperial Sports Ground in Bristol 12 noon- 2pm. Sessions involve a detailed warm up assisted by senior members of the CP team. The players participate in football drills related to game play, skill development, communication, balance, co-ordination and confidence. The sessions are inclusive to everybody’s ability and fun is the number one priority and aim. The team play small-sided games often mixed in with the boy’s teams, who are very supportive and offer great advice and guidance as they have been established longer.   All warms up have a focus on stretching to help players with tight muscles affected by cerebral palsy.


Friendships: The enthusiasm and energy in the team is inspiring and it is lovely to see friendships growing as well as peer support; eg: sharing knowledge of what boots work well with a splint and telling each other how important a good warm up is. Friendships have now been established on and off the pitch.


Ambitions for the future: Ambitions for this team are for it to grow and to get some FUN matches against other CP girl’s team and to see CP girls/women’s football to gain momentum and see more participation in the ‘Beautiful game’. 

What it means to be a Bristol City Footballer?

‘It’s like being a part of a really big family but everybody has the same disability so we really all get each other and can talk about the same experiences. I have met teammates who I now consider my best friends.’ – Eloise (13)

‘I like that I have friends and we all support each other. I like that we are all equal and have fun together.’ – Lola (10)

‘When I first started the club I was really nervous but after a few weeks I got to know some of the girls and it was really nice and now some of them are my best friends because they are really supportive and care for others. I am really happy to be part of the team.’ – Bethany (8)

‘I love playing for Bristol City CP football Club with my teammates, we are all really close and I love being part of a team. I would love to be a para -lioness one day.’ – Lily (12)

‘Its good and fun, I like scoring in the goal. I have a friend called Bethany and she has a splint like me’ – Evelyn (6)


We need more female players:

Bristol City Cerebral Palsy FC (BCCP) is open to ambulant players with cerebral palsy and any experience/ ability is welcome.

Bristol City Cerebral Palsy FC train every Saturday at The Imperial Sports Ground in Bristol at 12-2pm 

For more information about the girls team contact:

Sarah Ganfield. Email: geecom44@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.bccpfootball.co.uk

If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in CP Sport – please check out our events page, or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you would like to fundraise or volunteer for CP Sport – please email fundraising@cpsport.org.