CP Sport have collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport. We will be posting these profiles daily throughout CP Awareness Month (March) to celebrate positive stories and inspire people to take part in the future.

Name: Ian Duncan

Sport: Frame Running

Clubs: Corstophine Amateur Athletic Club

How did the opportunity come for you to start participating in your sport? I had a hospital appointment in 2019 and was given a leaflet advertising a frame running opportunity in East Lothian just outside Edinburgh. I went along and had a go on the frame and loved the feeling of freedom and also making my mum and dad run to keep up!

What skills have you learnt or improved from participating in Frame Running? I’ve learnt how to control my nerves ahead of competitive races. I also take responsibility for my physio workouts.

How have you benefited from participating in your chosen sport? The sport enables me to experience independent speed and at the same time have a Cardio vascular workout which helps improve the quality of my lungs. Also, I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet and train with similar people and I’ve had the opportunity to build friendships.


What are your ambitions in Frame Running? I’d love to get to represent team GB one day at the Paralympics.


Why should other people give your sport a go? The frame makes the sport accessible to everyone. It helps build up stamina and also gives a cardiovascular workout as well as providing strength and conditioning to the participant but most of all it is lots of fun.


Are there any further opportunities you like to see be made available in your sport? More accessibility to frames even on a hire basis. More advertising locally of clubs all with the aim of more participants enjoying the freedom frame running gives.


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