CP Sport have collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport. We will be posting these profiles daily throughout CP Awareness Month (March) to celebrate positive stories and inspire people to take part in the future.

Name: Josh Pullen

Role: Athlete

Club: Bronte Tykes

The sport I participate in: Cycling


How did the opportunity come for you to start participating in your sport? When I was 6 my mum took me to a disability cycling club and I loved it. I then decided to do a sponsored bike ride to raise money for Bradford disability sports. The coach at the cycling club suggested I also join a club where I could cycle and compete. I joined Bronte Tykes and found that I loved anything to do with cycling. I do cyclocross and mountain biking and have competed in both. More recently I have had a go at track cycling at the velodrome My coaches have been so committed to making the club inclusive for me and another cyclist that has CP they have become a limitless club which is really exciting!

What skills have you learnt or improved from participating in sport? I have learnt to build stamina so I can take part in longer road rides. The furthest I have cycled is 50km, I have improved my core cycling skills so I can take part in cyclocross races. I have learnt and developed the skills I need for MTB and I love to use these skills to clear jumps and do technical trails.


How have you benefited from participating in your chosen sport? It has made me fitter and stronger and made me have to work really hard to use both sides of my body. At times I have found this really challenging.


What are your ambitions in sport? To go as far as I can in Cycling.


Why should other people give your sport a go? Cycling is something you can do by yourself, with your family or friends and enjoy with people of all abilities. It is just so much fun!


Are there any further opportunities you like to see be made available in your sport? Opportunities to compete in para races at a younger age and I would love to see MTB in the Paralympics sooner!


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