CP Sport have collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport. We will be posting these profiles daily throughout CP Awareness Month (March) to celebrate positive stories and inspire people to take part in the future.

Name: Paige Murray

Role: Student/Teacher

Club: Recreational

The sport I participate in: Yoga


How did the opportunity come for you to start participating in your sport? I was keen to explore something new away from competitive sport. I wanted to aid recovery from sporting injury and challenge preconceived ideas of yoga and what it might look like for me as a disabled person.


How have you benefited from participating in your chosen sport? Yoga has many benefits. The biggest this far is the opportunity to embark on my teaching adventure, I graduated in February 2022 and have since utilised my training to expand myself professionally. My personal yoga pathway has welcomed me to adaptive yoga and this approach to yoga welcomes inclusivity. Physically yoga gives me space to move without specialist equipment there is no other place like it.


What skills have you learnt from Yoga? I have learnt to embrace the experience of new things and trust in the pathways in front of me. I have improved my mind, body, breath awareness and have greater connection and understanding of myself.


What are your ambitions in sport?

1. To serve myself through the practice of yoga as a
lifelong commitment
2. To serve others through my teachings of yoga as a
lifelong commitment
3. To promote the importance of adaptive yoga in the
UK and worldwide.


Why should other people give your sport a go? My reaction for many years was “Yoga? Seriously? I have Cerebral Palsy!” The irony… My own experience motivates me to encourage every individual to give it a go, and if you are reading this the first action is to be curious to find a yoga practice for yoga. – I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to give yoga a go.


Are there any further opportunities you like to see be made available in your sport? I would like to highlight adaptive yoga within the existing
yoga community to get more disabled people and non disabled people doing a yoga practice with every individual at the heart of their practice. It would be wonderful to see accessible yoga studios in the UK to promote the importance of representation and inclusivity.


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