CP Sport have collected a range of profiles from people with CP that participate in sport. We will be posting these profiles daily throughout CP Awareness Month (March) to celebrate positive stories and inspire people to take part in the future.

Name: Tilly T

Sport: Dance (Street, Cheer, Lyrical, Disco, Stage)

Clubs: Stepz Dance Academy in Sheffield. Instagram: @sheffieldstepzdanceacademy


How did that opportunity come for you to start participating in dance? I started dance when I was 4 with Stepz Dance Academy and have been going ever since. I am now 10.

What skills have you learnt or improved from participating in sport? I have learnt lots of different dance styles. I have made lots of friends and I love being part of the Stepz team. It makes me stronger and helps my muscles when dancing.


What are your ambitions in sport? To be an inspiration to anyone with CP, to show people you can do whatever you want.

How have you benefitted from dancing? Dancing gives me confidence. I take part in dance shows, the next one is “Danspiration24” which is 23rd March 2024 and I won an award for the ‘most determined student’ which made me very proud at dance presentation night!


Why should other people should give Dance a try? There are so many different dance classes, such a variety of styles, something for everyone. Dancing is also really good exercise and helps with my muscles, it’s a full body workout.


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