CP Sport collected profiles from people with CP that have participated in physical activity during 2023. The profiles are being used to celebrate and showcase the activities that have been achieved this year.

Name: Chloe Davies
Role: Athlete
Region: North Midlands
Club: Scropton RDA
Which sports did you participate in during 2023: Equestrian Dressage
What was your biggest achievement in physical activity in 2023: The biggest achievements for me this year is competing at The RDA National Championships on a pony (Cody) that never been to the RDA Championships before. We compete in the Grade 1 Championships and the Grade 1 freestyle. We placed 2nd and 5th. There has been a few more achievements like getting a gold medal in Dressage Anywhere’s online RDA Championship show and getting 2 1st’s in The RDA virtual Championships last month. It’s been a brilliant year.
How did you benefit from participating in physical activity throughout 2023: The horse riding is brilliant physical therapy and it improves my mobility, strength, balance and coordination. It helps my confidence and gives me the freedom of doing something independently. I made some amazing friends and we all have something in common. Having a pony cuddle helps with my mental health. 
What would you like to achieve in sport in 2024: Next year I would like to carry on improving my dressage scores and I
would love to do some para dressage competitions.
Which other sports would you like to try in 2024: I would give anything a go.
What would you say to other people with CP that are thinking of trying physical activity in 2024: I would say to anyone who has CP just have a go. As the RDA motto says: “it what’s you can that counts”.
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