CP Sport collected profiles from people with CP that have participated in physical activity during 2023. The profiles are being used to celebrate and showcase the activities that have been achieved in 2023.

Name: Georgia Eccles
Role: Athlete
Region: North-West, Lancashire
Clubs: MW well-being with Zac Thomas
Which sports did you participate in during 2023: Georgia has been attending weekly personal training sessions. She has cerebral palsy, which effects all her limbs, we were told from being a baby, she would not walk and would be wheelchair reliant. With a huge amount of dedication from all the family over the years, Georgia is now 21, she is able to participate in her gym sessions. She has been going now for 4 years. Zac works in collaboration with Georgia’s Physio at college, ensuring that his hourly programme meets her needs. She can use the rower and assault bike independently. It’s amazing, and she just loves it. She works with free weights, bands and other gym. Georgia also swims and uses the trikes, Georgia also loved the sky diving experience at IFly in Manchester.
What was your biggest achievement in physical activity in 2023: Independently using the Assault Bike and doing Bar Bell lifts.

How did you benefit from participating in physical activity throughout 2023: Increase in core strength and confidence.

What would you like to achieve in sport in 2024: More independence when using the Bar Bell.

What would you say to other people with CP that are thinking of trying physical activity in 2024: Just do it! Anything is possible. There have been some things Georgia hasn’t managed the first time, but with perseverance, each week she has cracked it.


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