CP Sport collected profiles from people with CP that have participated in physical activity during 2023. The profiles are being used to celebrate and showcase the activities that have been achieved in 2023.

Name: Josh Pullen
Role: Athlete
Region: West Yorkshire
Clubs: Bronte Tykes, Bingley Harriers, Keighley RUFC, School rugby team and athletics
Which sports did you participate in during 2023: Rugby, Running, Athletics, Cycling – MTB, Road and Cyclocross
What was your biggest achievement in physical activity in 2023: Participating at CP Sport National Athletics Championships. Clearing the jump line at my local bike park. Winning coaches player of the year at rugby.

How did you benefit from participating in physical activity throughout 2023: Sport keeps me fit. It is good for my strength. The range of sports I do helps work all my muscles in different ways it is also good for my mental health. I love to keep busy and active.

What would you like to achieve in sport in 2024: I would like to keep getting better. I would like to go through classification for cycling and athletics and take part in more disability sports competitions.

Which sports would you like to try in 2024: I would love to try laser run.

What would you say to other people with CP that are thinking of trying physical activity in 2024: Give it a go, try lots of different things and find the right sport for you. Never give up.

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